A Guide to Photographing Your First Wedding

Anyone can photograph a wedding, but doing it well, and doing it like a pro, isn't easy. This guide, LOVE & LIGHT - A Guide to Photographing Your First Wedding, by Jen Bebb, shows in over 120 pages that you can take anywhere in your Smartphone how to do it the right way. It's your cheatsheet for weddings!

Love & Light is over 120 pages long and is full of really solid wisdom for seasoned photographers or for those just trying their first wedding. From the actual making of photographs, to shot lists, posing guides, and logistics help, it's all there, and the book (in fact one eBook in a downloadable PDF) includes Evernote files of all the lists so you can load them onto your iPhone, iPad or Android for fast reference when you prep and shoot the day, checking things off as you go. If you don't have Evernote, it's a free app and the information you need to get it, and get started with it, is in the book.

Although it is true that anyone can photograph a wedding, doing it well, and doing it like a pro, isn't easy. Love & Light gives you full access to the heart and mind of an experienced photographer and teacher, who levels the learning curve on what, who, how, where, and when to photograph during one of the most romantic, important - and un-repeatable days of your client's lives.

Jen Bebb, the author of this new eBook, is an internationally recognized photographer, named as one of American Photo magazine's Top 10 Wedding studios in the world. Together with her husband, Steve, Jen has been professionally photographing weddings for 14 years—shooting over 700 weddings to date—producing work that has earned them a repeated ranking on the best of Canada’s wedding photographer lists.

A self-proclaimed shy extrovert, Jen began teaching at national and international levels and speaking at conferences worldwide in 2007. Bebb Studios’ work has been published in numerous books and publications, including a coveted spot on the cover of Professional Photographer magazine.

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