Nikon D7200: Everything You Should Know To Master This Camera

The new guide from Full Stop editions covers the Nikon D7200. It’s a 379 page illustrated eBook that will reveal you all the potential of this camera in a language that photographers of all levels understand.

The Nikon D7200 Experience - The Still Photography Guide to Operation and Image Creation from Douglas Klostermann continues a tradition: to offer photographers a concise guide to their camera. There is absolutely nothing new on this, the author has penned eBook after eBook covering multiple models from Canon and Nikon, and this one follows the same path, a bit like a Swiss watch.

As with previous guides, this one goes beyond the manual to help you learn the features, settings, and controls of this sophisticated and highly customizable camera. Most importantly, it explains not only how but also when and why to use the camera's basic and advanced features, settings, and controls in your photography.

Again, this is a guide for everybody. It covers basic DSLR camera functions and exposure concepts for those learning digital SLR photography, and explains more advanced camera controls and operations for experienced enthusiasts. Those just starting will learn how to quickly go beyond Auto and Program modes and shoot competently in A, S, and M shooting modes. Those seeking for more have in this eBook the path to take full advantage of the sophisticated 51 point autofocus system and its Focus modes, AF-area modes, and Custom Settings - for sharp focus of still or moving subjects.

But there is much more in the 379 pages. Photographers will understand the various metering modes, exposure compensation, and exposure lock for correct exposure of every image, even in challenging lighting situations and learn how to set up their camera with clear explanations and recommended settings for all Menu options and Custom Settings of the D7200. The guide helps people to learn how, when, and why to use and customize the controls, buttons, and features of the D7200 to best fit different shooting needs.

For experienced photographers coming to the D7200 from the D7100, D5200, etc., this guide explains the new and advanced features in order to quickly get you up and running and taking advantage of these capabilities, including the sophisticated autofocus system, the camera controls, the in-camera HDR, Multiple Exposure, and Interval Timer shooting features, and the 1.3x crop mode. It introduces the improved video capabilities, and guides you through all the Playback, Shooting, and Setup Menus, Custom Settings, and Movie Mode Menu settings of the D7200 in order to help you best set up the camera and its controls for your specific shooting needs, and includes the helpful, comprehensive Nikon D7200 Set-Up Guide spreadsheet created by the author.

The eBook Nikon D7200 Experience - The Still Photography Guide to Operation and Image Creation is available in two digital formats (PDF and EPUB), with PDF being the most versatile format. The PDF version is ready for reading on your computer or printing on your printer using the latest version of Adobe Reader. The eBook costs $14.99 and is one of the best investments if you want to learn how to use your camera.

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